Inkjet Printers Versus Thermal Printers

Inkjet afinia L501 labels are a very common type of inkjet printing which recreates an electronic digital image from a computer-controlled droplets of ink on paper and other suitable plastic substrates. Inkjet printouts are normally printed in black and shades of gray. The printouts can be of different sizes depending on the requirements of the customer. Most inkjet printers are affordable, small user-friendly, and come in several models, including color and monochrome versions.

Thermal printers utilize heat to trigger the printing process. They are suitable for printing high quality label and logo stickers, direct mail, non-flammable labels, high-resolution labels and thermal transfer printouts. Thermal printers use ribbon cartridges or ink cartridges with heated pins. In general thermal printers are less costly compared to inkjet printers. They are also ideal for industrial and office environment applications.

There are basically two kinds of inkjet printers namely, inkjet and laser printers. Inkjet printer types and capabilities depend upon the inkjet paper as well as the ink cartridge. Laser printer types and capabilities depend upon the laser printer head. Generally, inkjet printers have better page quality than laser printers. They also have longer printheads and higher page capacity for longer printer usage. As far as the ink cartridges are concerned, there are basically three types i.e., solid ink cartridges, thermoelectric ink cartridges and thermal ink cartridges.

A majority of small to medium size businesses in the US use inkjet printers mainly due to their ease of use and affordable price. Small to medium sized businesses have a number of printing needs apart from just printing label and logo on office documents. These needs include print text and images as well as to print brochures, flyers, menus etc. Most of these companies invest in inkjet printers in order to meet all their printing requirements. Such businesses need to print large volumes of paper each month, which cannot be done by the regular inkjet printers.

All the inkjet printers available in the market have paper trays installed in them. These paper trays keep the inks or toners on the surface of the paper where they can be easily wiped off and cleaned up. However, keeping the trays wet for long periods of time results in the buildup of excessive heat which in result shortens the life of the printer. To combat this problem, most of the laser printers have over current warning facility which cuts off the power when the temperature of the paper trays reaches above a certain limit.

Inkjet and thermal printers both produce similar results. However, there are a few differences between an inkjet printer and a thermal printer. Inkjet printers use non-bleed toners whereas thermal printers use bleed toners. The thermal printers usually produce higher quality output, while the inkjet printers usually produce prints of lower quality. When you compare both, you will find that inkjet printers are more cost effective than the thermal printers and are easier to maintain.

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