What Are the Best Decorative Garlands For Christmas?

Decorative garlands make the best Christmas, birthday, or other special occasion decorations for your home or workplace. Decorative garland ideas have been around for years and many different decorative garland patterns have evolved through the years. Below is a look at some of the most popular Christmas, birthday, or other special occasion decorations using decorative garland:

Vintage Decorative Garlands: The most classic look is the vintage decorative garland. The vintage style garlands are made up of many wooden beads interwoven together. They can be made of tinsel, plastic, wire, or a combination of any of these materials. They usually come in gold, silver, or, of course, other colors.

Lighted Garlands: Some decorative garlands make use of lights instead of beads for decoration. This type of decorative ornament uses LED lights that are affixed to the ends of the garland strands. These are quite a bit brighter than traditional tinsel lights, however not as bright as the Christmas tree lights. They also tend to make the garland more static than other types of decorative garlands that are designed to move with the motion of a person walking across it. You can get more information about decorative garlands to make the home beautiful

Stair Rail Garlands: Decorative garlands decorated with stair railings make an excellent addition to the Christmas tree. They can also be used to enhance the look of a stairwell as well as a hallway. A well-chosen garland combination can make a great accent wall for the front of a bedroom, bathroom, or lounge area. They add height and interest to vertical surfaces, which makes them ideal for stairways, hallways, porches, windowsills, and private verandas. Stair rail garlands do not have to be the same color as the rest of the house, as they can be made from several different hues.

LED Garlands: For a touch of fun, LED garlands look fantastic when mixed with glass beads or shiny metallic tassels. They provide a festive look that is easy to install. The lighted garlands can be strung from the center of the stairwell or from the edges of the stair rail. To create a more subtle effect, LED garlands can be placed along a rail at the top of the staircase.

In summary, decorative garlands can really jazz up your home during the holidays, as well as any time of year. Consider using LED lights as an accent to your existing holiday decorations, such as a Christmas tree or other holiday fixtures. LED lights will provide an instant Christmas tree look, as well as being incredibly easy to install and customize.

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